Finding the Right Patio Door

Sliding glass doors are a standard in today’s modern bay area home, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ordinary. A wide range of styles and materials can give you the stylish room with a view that you have been looking for.

The right sliding door to a patio can extend the useful space in your home or open up a fabulous view. It also can help lower your energy bills. So consider updating with the best in energy-efficient sliding glass doors. This collection of sliders that Larsen Construction has installed in the San Francisco Bay Area will give you ideas of how to make a beautiful statement with your new slider.

Consider a floor-to-ceiling style for maximum impact. While sliding glass typically provides an invisible partition between indoors and out, it also can be used as a sleek, space-saving passage between indoor living spaces. A translucent glass door can be used between two rooms to ensure privacy.

In addition to design, sliding glass doors provide safety, durability and energy efficiency like never before.